George and the Golden Letterseed

George and the Golden Letterseed

So what on earth is a golden Letterseed? Bet you wondered what the Philosopher’s Stone was when Harry P. made his first appearance – Sorcerer’s Stone if you’re reading this in the US. Simple answer: the golden Letterseed is the ultimate fruit of the Alphabet Tree, a seed that allows the finder to grow a replica of this oh-so-vital element of magical flora. You don’t believe it’s so important? Okay, try getting by for just an hour or so without using, say, a ‘b’ or ‘d’ in your everyday speech or texting. That’s the challenge the people of the magical kingdom of mediaeval Ingland faced when a hungry dragon put the future of the Inglish language at risk.

You see, as the giant beast devoured the letterfruits on the Alphabet Tree, those letters disappeared from the spoken and written language of the local people. Clearly, that dragon had to be stopped. Enter George and his trusty terrier, Yorrick. Could they outwit the dragon and save the day for King Boris the Bold? You’ll find out – helped by some beautiful illustrations created by the gifted Britt Harcus. Get to know Britt and her work at

The tale of George and the Golden Letterseed first took shape on a hillside in Umbria, Italy, as I gazed across the River Tiber at the walls of the hilltop town of Todi and the huge and ancient trees below them. Watch Dennis Callan’s delightful short video about this magical town here. Dennis has made three videos based on Todi, two shorter pieces and a deep dive. You’ll spot some of the buildings that appear in the story and get to preview one or two special places that feature in the second volume, George and the Poison Arrow, which is now written and awaiting illustration.

English-German vocabulary list

Step into George’s enchanting world and bolster your English skills along the way!

Designed specifically for the readers of “George and the Golden Letterseed” this vocabulary list serves as a companion to assist English learners through the narrative’s twists and turns. Whether you’re studying at home or attending classes, this resource is here to support your linguistic journey. Access the list on its special page, available for viewing or as a downloadable PDF.

Book details

Available in hardback, paperback and as an eBook.

Publisher: Paul Boothroyd

90 pages (hardback edition)

122 pages (paperback edition)

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