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So what would you like to know?

So who am I, exactly? The short answer is “a translator who, instead of being given a golden thread to follow by an author, wanted to spin that thread himself.” I love to play with words, as you’ll notice from the many acronyms and puns woven into the manuscript. And like so many parents, I too spent endless wonderful hours reading to our children or making up stories for them.

I studied modern languages, trained in marketing with a group of English language schools, taught English in Germany, then drifted into professional translation. Following two full-time jobs with translation companies, many years ago my wife and I opted to set up our own translation business here in Germany, working mainly on PR material for industry. Money for old words, I reckon. It’s like a lifelong paid education. You’re constantly learning. Every field has its own jargon.

Ironically, I may have written the ultimate untranslatable book. At the very least it will take a huge amount of creative input from anyone setting out to produce a version in another language. Maybe I should ask George – he seems to have a gift for languages, as we’ll see once again in the next story in the series, George and the Poison Arrow – watch out for it!

Thanks for your time!


PS: Like George, we have a dog, but not a terrier – keep an eye out for future blog entries to learn more about Amy the golden retriever.

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